Matthew Sperry was killed by an inattentive driver while riding his bicycle to work on June 5, 2003. Matthew was a father, husband, and bass player, who touched and left lasting impressions on everyone he met.

Matthew gave great hugs.

He left behind a wife and daughter, who are still struggling to come to terms with his passing.

The original announcement of Matthew’s passing, with more than 300 amazing comments, is here.

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  1. this is probably way old, and i really do not go onto social media — but ;;;;

    matt used to eat lunch in my restaurant, in the market. saw him play a bunch of times & we were kinda friends.

    he was totally sweet. there was one day that he came in with his mom. they insisted on sitting at the counter instead of at a table. she was wearing the coolest sweater.

    as they sat — purely by chance, a david byrne track came on the stereo & matt pointed out that it was him, on bass. mom was proud.

    i used to be a cyclist in this city — for decades.
    the news of his death was devastating, to me. it still shakes me today.

    i hope you & your daughter are well. and i still play his tunes


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