Chapel of the Chimes Concert Planned

This concert doesn’t mention Matthew specifically, but does take place in the Columbarium where some of Matthew’s ashes are to be stored, and where he played with Dan Plonsey. It’s a truly lovely location, and with his memory fresh, this concert will no doubt evoke Matthew’s memories in more ways than one. Dan Plonsey writes:

News about my favorite annual new music concert:

New Music Bay Area and Chapel of the Chimes present their tremendously popular summer solstice celebration Garden of Memory: a Columbarium Walk-Through Event at Chapel of the Chimes, a labyrinthine Julia Morgan-designed columbarium and
mausoleum replete with gardens, fountains, and stained-glass skylights. The program will feature simultaneous performances in different parts of the building by Bay Area composers, musicians, and other performers presenting a variety of acoustic and electronic music, installations, and interactive events; the audience is free to move throughout the building during the performances.

4499 Piedmont Ave., next to Mountain View Cemetery, in Oakland on Saturday, June 21 from 5 to 9 pm.

Admission is $10 general, $5 students and seniors.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

For information, call New Music Bay Area at (415) 563-6355, ex. 3 or write to: Also, see:

Composers and Performers:

Monique Buzzarte * Sarah Cahill * Ed Campion (with John Campion and
Danielle deGruttola) * Luciano Chessa * Christi Denton * Paul Dresher
Gabriela Frank * Miguel Frasconi * Phil Gelb * Brenda Hutchinson
Henry Kaiser and Chris Muir * Elaine Kreston * Miya Masaoka * Greg Moore
Roberto Morales * Ohana Overtone Singers * Frank J. Oteri * Maggi Payne
Dan Plonsey and Gino Robair (and kids) * Randy Porter * Dean Santomieri
Jason Serinus * Laetitia Sonami * Three Trapped Tigers * Pamela Z
The Cornelius Cardew Choir * Elaine Kreston along with Ray Regan and
Scott Railsback, playing a trio of instruments constructed from a
single agave plant.

This year’s event is especially poignant for many of us in the improvisation/new music community, having just lost our wonderful friend, Matthew Sperry. The Chapel of the Chimes was one of his favorite places, and his family has chosen to place some of his ashes there.

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  1. What a fantastic event! I’ll definitely be a regular for this event and spread the word.

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