Seattle: Prisms Radio Show to Touch on Matthew Themes

This week’s installment of Prisms (KBCS Bellevue/Seattle, 91.3fm, 12mid-3am PDT, 7 August 2003 — i.e. late in the evening of 6 August) will have a Matt Sperry-related component, sometime during the first hour.

This particular program returns to a theme visited several times before on Prisms: the fragility of life, the sadness of passages. 2003 has already seen the passing of a number of composers and performers, some prominent, some rising stars, others known perhaps only to a few. Yet they were all precious to someone, and now they are gone. We’ll reflect on a few of these losses; on the sadness of losing loved ones in general; on the fact of life as a continuum from birth to death; and more. The far-flung selection of works will include Boulez’ (relatively) new recording of Pli Selon Pli, Grana’s Humanist Requiem (with words by Kurt Vonnegut), pieces for (American) Javanese gamelan and Madagascan valiha, plus live concert performance by Mike Watt and the Secondmen, among other things.

(A later installment of Prisms centering exclusively on a commemmoration of Matt’s work is in discussion/development. Watch the Prisms website and/or this site for details.)

If someone in the Seattle area has good reception of KBCS and is willing to tape the show for others, please do so and leave a comment here. People outside of the Seattle area can then use this site to request tape copies.