The Red Hot Chachkas are an eclectic Bay Area klezmer group who, once upon a time, played at Matthew and Stacia’s wedding. Soon after, Matthew joined the Chachkas as a basisst, and played with the group until his death.

The Chachkas have written a song for Matthew: Suite Matthew.

Julie Eggers wrote this song in memory of a wonderful friend, bassist Matthew Sperry. He played many types of music, including klezmer and avant-garde, and was a Red Hot Chachka for several years. He died in a tragic accident in 2003. We take this tune outside as a nod to Matthew.

Suite Matthew


Posted Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 at 12:31 am
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Responses to “Suite Matthew”

Harriet Sperry

How beautiful! It would have been Matthew’s birthday next week. What a lovely gift this is. I can feel him smiling. You could’t have remembered him in a more appropriate way.

Thanks Julie.

Sheila Nuzzolo

Matthew was my nephew. I will never forget him. I still feel him hugging me from the last time I saw him.
I love you Matthew!

Sheila Nuzzolo

Philip Gelb

Thank you very much Julie and the rest of the chachkas!! And thank you Scott for posting this



thank you a million zillion for keeping this website going. its so important to us…and it looks great!
the cd is is such a treat..thank you julie for remembering matthew with this fitting tribute.
much love
stacia and lila

Erick and Dee

This is beautiful. The Red Hot Chachkas have definitely captured pieces of Matthew’s soul as shown by the similar quality of sounds of bands which Matthew played in while he lived in Seattle. This is very meaningful and thank you.

Tony Phillips

Speaking as one of the Chachkas, it feels like tossing a small pebble in a big hole, but remains an honor to participate in keeping Matthew present in people’s minds.

Whitney Sperry

Sorry for the loss.
This is an awesome website, and it makes me wonder if he was apart of my family…

Sall Marne

Was he wearing a helmet? I always thought he was kind of a “helmet head.”


Sall – Yes, as far as I know he was (someone can correct me if I’m wrong). But, sadly, this was not the kind of accident that a helmet would ever help with.


Sounds as though body armour would not have been enough, or training wheels. I am wearing a bumblebee suit when I ride.