Seattle Polestar Memorial Concert

Join a special gathering of Seattle creative musicians to celebrate the life and artistry of Matthew Sperry, whose special and influential life was cut short last June 5 when he was hit by a truck as he rode his bicycle to work from his home in Oakland, California. An improvising and composing double bassist, concert organizer, and all-around vital presence in Seattle adventurous music for many years, Matt had moved to Oakland in 1999 with his partner Stacia Biltekoff. He is survived by Stacia and their daughter, Lila Simone, who was born after their move to Oakland.

This memorial concert is organized by Seattle trombonist and UW Professor Emeritus Stuart Dempster. It features Stuart, Tom Baker, dancer Sheri Cohen, Christian Asplund (now teaching at BYU), Wally Shoup, Ian Rashkin, Lori Goldston, Susie Kozawa, Greg Campbell, David Knott, and many others with connections to Matt. At midnight we’ll tune in KEXP 90.3 FM to listen to a Sonarchy broadcast (engineered by Doug Haire of Jack Straw Productions), which will feature David Knott conducting a large ensemble in works dedicated to Matt’s memory.

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June 5th Mourning; Stacia Faces Driver Who Killed Matthew

A message from Matthew’s wife Stacia:


As most of you are aware, the first anniversary of matthew’s death is on june 5th. I would like those of you who are moved to do so to join matthew’s family to mourn together this june 5th. I’ve heard that there is going to be a rally agasinst the war that morning in San Francisco at the U.N. plaza at 11:00. If Matthew were alive he would be attending this rally. I invite you to attend in his name. At 3:00 we will be meeting at the Chapel of the Chimes in the room where Matthew’s urn is. Rabbi David-who many of you remember from shiva and the memorial service, will be there to lead us in some traditional and non traditional rituals. There will be a potluck immedietely following at my home 388 49th st between shafter and lawton in oakland. please call 547-4711 if you have any questions.

I also wanted to let you all know that on the first year anniversary on the jewish calender a small group of friends and family went to court and met the woman that killed Matthew. Its too hard for me to write about. here’s John Shuirba’s account:

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