Doug Theriault writes:

I have a new release with Matthew playing bass. It’s called:

Straw Dog Music 03/01
Improvised on June 16th, 2001 at “Are You Listening” Studio, Portland, Oregon.

Recorded and Engineered by Simon Widdowson.
Matthew Sperry: Acoustic Bass ‚ Mark Burdon: Percussion ‚ Doug Theriault: Guitar

It is available here: http://dougtheriault.tandjrec.com/discography/. This release is meant to be a showcase for Matthew’s playing, nothing more. Only 50 copies are being released and 35 have gone out already to be reviewed (hopefully). That leaves 15 copies. This is not a fundraiser, and if anyone of you wants a copy (without artwork) I will send it to you personally for the cost of postage.